The COLLIO region

The borderlands cause a particular charm in the eyes and hearts of travelers. The Collio is one of these: a pre-alpine area still partly unspoiled, a unique territory, a treasure of natural beauty, an area full of contrasts, mergers and cultural traditions.

Located in the Northeast of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the province of Gorizia, the Collio is a small hilly area on the border with Slovenia that extends between the Isonzo and Judrio rivers.

The “terroir” of Collio is a perfect union of multiple interactions between man and nature, between climate and soil.

The climatic conditions of this area are very special and unique:

The proximity of the Julian Prealps constitutes an effective shelter from the cold northern winds, and the proximity of the Adriatic Sea favors the persistence of a mild, mild and breezy climate, with strong temperature variations and abundant rainfall well distributed throughout the year. This combination of factors creates completely exceptional environmental conditions, making the Collio one of the most suitable areas for the production of high quality white wines.

The soils of the Collio are composed of layers of marl and stratified sandstone of Eocene origin, brought to the surface by the lifting of the seabed of the Adriatic Sea. These rock formations easily disintegrate under the action of atmospheric agents, creating an ideal substrate for viticulture. This land rich in salts and micro-elements takes the name of Ponca and is characterized by its alkalinity, giving the wines of this area unmistakable mineral notes, flavor and aromatic complexity.